President’s Message

President’s Message

It gives me immense pleasure to pen few lines today for our school website on this joyous occasion of completing 50 glorious years of Jagat Taran Golden Jubilee School. School for a student, is not just a place, it is not even a mere institution for education. My dear children, as you grow older you will realize that school is that corner of your heart where all your sweetest memories come from. School is that remembrance of your childhood, that wave of nostalgia, that as you grow older you will come to sorely miss. School is that place where a child not only gathers knowledge and education, but also friends, laughter and happiness. It becomes the foundation of who you grow up to be. Your school and teachers impart you knowledge, wisdom and prepare you to take on the highs and lows of life.

My dear teachers, you deserve the highest respect and honour in the society, for it is you who define our tomorrow, who shape the future torch-bearers of our society, you have the power and the greatest responsibility to shape these bright young minds. I personally have a deep sense of appreciation and reverence for you dear teachers, because no other profession entails such a great obligation and duty towards mankind as does the profession of a teacher and for that i salute you all!

I thank each and every staff member, teaching and non-teaching, who devotedly contribute to the running of this organisation. It is your hard work, your care and duty that pumps blood into the heart of the institution. Without your dedication and duties, this place will crumble and fall.

I can merely express my heartfelt gratefulness to all of you.

With best wishes

Mr. Pradeep Mukherjee