Holi a celebration of colour, an experience of contentment harmony and delight and the most colourful and vibrant festival of India was celebrated with splash of colours at Jagat Taran Golden Jubilee School, Prayagraj. The atmosphere on 6th March, 2023 was marked with fun and fervour since it was the last working day before the Holi holidays. The academic courtyard was an amalgamation of enthusiastic teachers who sprinkled colours on each other. Holi is the festival which commemorates the victory of good over evil, brought about by the burning and destruction of the evil demon named Holika. The spirit of Holi teaches us to follow good conduct in life and believe in the virtue of being truthful and honest. The Principal, Mrs. Sushmita Kanungo stated that Holi is a festival of new hope, new beginning and new opportunities. She reiterated to forget, forgive and start afresh. All the teachers of Jagat Taran Golden Jubilee School welcomed spring, season of hope with songs, dance and bright colours which were the major highlights of this vivid and lively festival.