Partition Horror Remembrance Day

The government of India has declared 14th August as the Partition Horrors Remembrance Day. To mark this day an exhibition was organized. This exhibition was a comprehensive display of agony, sufferings, sacrifices, struggles and pain of our countrymen who lost their lives due to the partition of the nation and were displaced from their roots. The charts revealed many lesser known facts related to the partition. The woes and sufferings  of the people  during this period,  there pitiable  conditions  have  been  very  thoughtfully  drawn and depicted,  giving a vivid account  of their plight. The atrocities committed on women in particular bears a testimony to the harsh, cruel and insensitive attitude of the people who in many cases forced women to commit suicide and give up their lives to save their honour.

Overall the hard work and sincere efforts of the children displayed good results and enabled the children to understand the undeniable sacrifice and commitment of our freedom fighters towards their motherland and their priceless contribution in the struggle for freedom.

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