Science is inexplicably linked with our lives and helps us to understand the world around us better.
It thus becomes imperative to encourage our students to think, learn, solve problems, and make informed decisions.
The organization of the science exhibition is one such initiative.
The activity aims to provide a platform for students to demonstrate such learnings that encourage the construction of knowledge by connecting new ideas to existing concepts as well as enriching one’s understanding of others experiences and perspectives.
Every year CBSE organizes science exhibition to provide a forum to pursue natural curiosity and innovative ideas ,provide scope for critical thinking and problem solving ,to create awareness about environmental issues, apply mathematics and information technology and to visualize and solve real world problems.
A science model prepared by two students ,  The regional level of this exhibition was held at Amity International School, Lucknow on 1st December.
The working model, Anti Sleep Alarm System, prepared by the students has basically two functions -(a) It alerts the driver in case he falls asleep while driving and (b) In case of fire accidents the fire sensors activates an alert and initiates the fire control mechanism which turns on the pump to release water and therefore fire would be extinguished. The whole model works on a very simple concept of IR sensor.

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