Mango Day Celebration By Pre-primary Section

To celebrate and relish the taste of the most favorite fruit, mango the younglings of Jagat Taran Golden Jubilee School kindergarten that is class nursery to  class prep celebrated Mango Day on 22nd July 2023. The little ones were dressed up in the colors of mangoes that are yellow and green with beautiful headgear.

 In an interactive session they were introduced to a wide array of information about mangoes and the importance and benefits of eating mangoes. Children were told that mango is a national fruit of India and is also called the King of fruit. To make the event more enjoyable children   danced on a mango song and also enjoyed a mango party. Each child was ready with a juicy mango and enjoyed  the taste and fun of eating a slice of a mango with friends. They also enjoyed a lot while doing an activity of drawing and coloring a mango.  It was a session full of happiness and joy of learning and exploring the creativity in   oneself.