Eco Club

It was in the year 2009, the concern for environment and cleanliness brought together few like-minded students to form Eco club in our school with a pledge to conserve mother Earth. 

The basic purpose of our club is to make the Eco Club members aware about the present environmental issues by involving students in various activities like cleanliness drive, tree plantation, interaction with the underprivileged children of orphanage etc. Such activities motivate the students to go beyond their books and prove to be useful to our society and on the other hand inspire their colleagues, friends, family members and masses to come forward and be eco -friendly. 

The vision of our club is to generate such students who are conscious of present environmental issues and realities around us and instil in them the determination to play a wider role in the society.

Since 2009 the club has been organising various events and competitions like tree plantation, cleanliness drive, nukkad natak to spread awareness, poster competition, best out of waste competition, collage competition, kitchen garden, eco- friendly activities, anti- cracker rally, paper bag/cloth bag distribution, shelter home visit, group discussion, Earth Day celebration, Environment Day celebration, Labour Day celebration ,etc.

The Main motive of the Eco Club is to nurture and teach the importance of environment to students. Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is essential for preserving the environment, promoting sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint, and thus protecting our planet for future generations.