Admission And Withdrawal

Admission and Withdrawal

  • Every candidate for admission must be introduced in person by parent or legal guardian.
  • No pupil will be admitted to the school without a transfer certificate from the school last attended. Those seeking admission to class I have to produce birth certificate.
  • Transfer Certificate of a student who is coming from non CBSE stream should be countersigned by Inspector/ Inspectress of schools.
  • Admission form is to be filled in only by parents/legal guardian.
  • The date of birth once entered on the admission form will not be changed under any circumstances.
  • For withdrawal of a pupil from the school one calendar month’s notice must be given in writing, otherwise one month’s fees will be charged. If a student absents himself for more than a month without submitting an application his / her name will be struck off from the school register and will be readmitted, depending on whether there is a vacancy or not.
  • A student who does not attend school in the first month of the new session (April) and does not pay his fees within 15th of April will have his name struck off the school rolls. Such a student will not get the benefit of readmission under any circumstances.

”  NOTE : Mere registration does not carry any guarantee for admission.