Achievement Details
    Event Date: 13 November, 2017



    In the Pre state level at TPS ON 3/11/2017, Six groups consisting the group leaders, Aradhya Rai, Khushi Yadav, Palak Singh, Prajjwal Srivastava, Paridhi Pandey and Pragya Pandey ; have participated under the guidance of Mrs. Mita Bhattacharya, Jaya Laxmi Seth, Nivedita Sinha and Nabanita Nag. Among these Two Projects of Palak Singh and Pragya Pandey have been selected for state-level. The children have successfully participated in the competition held at SPMIT Kaushambi from 11 - 13 November 2017.

    Finally one Project from our city has been selected for the National level. The National level of NCSC will be held at Gujrat science city, Gandhi Nagar, Gujrat from 27- 31 December 2017.

    The details of the selected group for National level is as follows:

    Group Leader

    Ø Pragya Pandey


    Ø Apoorva Aryan

    Ø Aditi Singh 

    Ø Divya Yadav

    Ø Dharvi Dubey




    Guide Teacher

    Ø Mrs. Nabanita Nag


    Children of Allahabad: don’t get fluoridated.

    Where they worked to know the excessive amount of fluoride which is consumed by the people of Allahabad, and its effect and factors.