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                                                              "Bringing the Joy of Creativity"

Our prestigious institution, Jagat Taran Golden Jubilee School not only contributes to the academic excellence of the students but also brings out thier creative and innovative talents. So to showcase thier latent talents the annual Art and Craft Exhibtion was organised on 25th Oct. 2019 by our school Art Club in the school premises.

            The grand show was inaugurated by our respected Principal Ma'm, Ms. Indrani Gupta by cutting the ribbon. The exhibition was really a storehouse of beautiful paintings and artifacts which were all made by students of class VI to XII.

              Class VI students displayed attractive pen holders made with ice-cream sticks, paper straws and colourful furs. They also made African masks which were appreciated a lot, there were also cute paper dolls and peacocks made with glaze paper. Charts on different festivals were also very attractive.

              Class VII students presented cutouts of birds and butterflies. There were colourful stone- studded jewellery boxes, masks and charts on Dussehra, Holi, Buddha Purnima, beautiful flowers, landscapes and wild animals.

              Class VIII sections displayed hand-painted and tie and dye handkerchiefs which showed thier class. Painted T- Shirts were really eye- catching.

              Class iX sections presented hand- painted tableclothes which were worth noticing.They also put up charts on festivals.

              Class X also made beautiful greeting cards, paper rangolis, wall- hangings and Vandanwars.

              Class XI sections made colourful organdi roses, CD- Coasters, glass paintings, flower baskets and bonsais.

              Class XII sections made beautiful file covers, attractive candle stands and paper bags.Besides these there were colourful flowerVases, Rakhis and pots  which were highly aplauded by all.

               On the whole, the exhibition proved to be a grand success which was appreciated and praised by all the parents, guardians and all those who visited it.

               The credit of the success goes to all the participants who displayed thier projects, the Art Club President and representatives who toiled ahrd in decorating the hall and our respected Art Teacher and Art Club incharge Mr. S.Bose under whose supervision the whole show was organised so beautifully.


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