Album Title :: EARTH DAY 2022
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Jagat Taran Golden Jubilee School Celebrates Earth Day

Jagat Taran Golden Jubilee School, Prayagraj celebrated Earth Day with
the message of sustainability. Numerous events were organized by the
Eco club of school. Students showed best of their efforts in Recycled
Planter Making Competition and Eco Brick Making Campaign. To protect
and take care of the Earth, entire school took the pledge with sheer
determination. The program took place under the esteemed supervision
of school principal Ms. Rati Asthana and the events were coordinated by
the club in charge Ms. Jaya Laxmi Seth with the support of the entire
staff. Garima Thakur and Ishika Srivastava hosted the event. Divyanshi
Singh, Aabhas Rai, Mayank Tripathi, Suryansh Mishra and Shreyansh
Yadav participated and helped in organizing the event with the help of
other members of the Eco club.
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