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From The Secretary’s Desk

We are traversing a modern era where children are exposed to new technologies and gadgets. They are away from the real world and most of their time is spent with the virtual world. Therefore it’s a big challenge for the parents as well as for the parents as well as teachers to inculcate the sense of responsibility in them

Responsibility instills lots of positive qualities like tolerance, punctuality, honesty, devotion to work; discipline etc. most important of all these it also disseminates lots of confidence.

Only a responsible person can be confident in dealing with all the aspects of life. Without the feeling of responsibility one cannot assume oneself to be a successful person.

Our school consists of such a system which infuses responsibility in children through various inter-house and inter-school activities

Under the able guidance of our teachers students gain knowledge as well as imbibe the sense of responsibility which is bestowed upon them throughout the year. Students should try to ingrain all these qualities so that may compete with the challenges of time. Exploring various opportunities solely depends upon them to avail benefit not only for themselves but also for the society and nation at large.

Dr. Milan Mukherjee