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From The President’s Desk

Its great pleasure to watch the progress being made at Jagat Taran Golden Jubilee School children are the assets of a nation. As responsible citizens it’s our duty to nurture the growth of each and every individual child regardless of caste, class or creed. J.T.G.J.S is such a place which not only imparts quality education but also tries to bring a holistic change in a child.

School is a proper platform to provide ample opportunities to enhance and groom the talents of every child through various academic and co curricular activities. The children should believe that anything is possible when they are on the right course. The goals and strategies should be realistic and small changes should be made as per the need.

The school magazine clearly depicts the success stories of our students and school. Its an inspiration for all of us.

"  Wish A great success to J.T.G.J.S  "

Mr. Kalyan Kumar Ghosh